RIP Darwin


Dear Friends, We regret to announce the death of Darwin, who lived with us for over 4 years.

This little long tail macaque that we had found dying put us through a lot but we are all affected by his disappearance, he had its place at Namaste and many of you were worried about his condition. Please keep in mind that we have done all the way we can to make his life as smooth as we could.

We will open a small gallery for Darwin on Facebook, if you want to send us a small photo or message, it would be a great way to extend the memory of his presence. Selamat Jalan friend, we miss you already, and we hope you to find a lots of trees, lots of friends and a few banana pancakes that you loved so much ...


Sonya new zealand

So sad to hear about dear Darwin. Met him almost 3 years ago and was saddened to see his plight. There was always the promise to build him a lead free shelter. I do wonder what happened. I sent him a large box of toys on my return to new Zealand. Rest in peace you lovely little man.

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