Message to Darwin’s friends


We love animals: entire families of cats, dogs, chickens, pigs and cows have been taken in by Namaste Bungalows or on nearby lands. The animal who sparks more a controversy is Darwin, our monkey. However, he’s an integral part of Namaste’s life.

Why is there a monkey in Namaste Bungalows?

We saved the life of Darwin and took him in when he was found dying in a nearby field two years ago. We would have done the same for a kitten. Once recovered, he never left. After constructing a large bamboo cage on a veterinary’s advice, we realized he was more dynamic and happier when he was going out of his shelter. It’s why we had to develop a space for him. You will understand easily that we had to attach him for his own good, as well as for the customers’ and even for the staff’s.
We regularly go on a walk with him outside the hotel. Fearful, he doesn’t even dare to let us and to venture.

Releasing Darwin in nature, it’s letting him to a certain death

Obviously, that does not particularly please us to see Darwin hung like this. . We contacted zoos and associations who are not interested by these species. Associations taking care of macaques don’t want him because they assume that he’s happy with us.
According to the vet, releasing Darwin would put him in danger. Indeed, he has never been independent and his peers might kill him because of human scent emanating from him. The only option left now is to let him in his shelter near us, where he participates at the hotel’s life.

If you have a solution, don’t hesitate!

Customers and we offer him cuddly toy to have company and fun. If you have other solutions for giving Darwin a better life, we are all ears. Meanwhile, we are doing everything we can for him to live in the best possible conditions.
You will find in the hotel a description card about Darwin. If you want to hear from him, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will answer you with pleasure.

Be careful!

Darwin is still young. When he plays, he bites and claws so do not get too close to him!



Hey Guys - was recently staying at Namaste Bungalows and had the pleasure of meeting Darwin..
My friends and I thought it would be a good idea to build a large enclosure where he is living now to incorporate the seating undercover area with a door (or feeding hatch) so that at least he can be free of his lead and jump and climb around much more?
It could be a simple structure (as the roof if already there) and made of local bamboo quite easily.
Please let us know your thoughts on this...

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