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Some people ask us sought clarification of the events that took place on 13 November at Namaste Bungalows. Well just for once it does not happen in Nusa Penida but in Bali ... but that's how it happened

As you can probably imagine, or maybe not, it's not always easy to run a hotel, specially when you had the idea to build in a remote place like Nusa Penida. Paradoxically we are not so far from Bali (17 km If i'm not wrong) but as this island has been avoided by the tourist programs , nothing was really set up to facilitate our work (supply of resources from Bali remains a puzzle until now).
Today, things are going forward, all the locals struggle to change things we can imagine that soon we will feel less alone saw the forecast for the next hotel and tourism projects and that it will all be organized gradually. If today, despite these constraints we are still here in this adventure is that beyond our commitment every day we have the opportunity to be accompanied by a team that trusted us despite our cultural differences helps us on all fronts.

This summer we were pleasantly surprised to see how everyone is invested with determination in daily tasks with a flood of tourists almost uninterrupted, despite their involvement in all the ceremonies and events to implement the village. Indeed from our team some have important roles to Sakti or Sebunibus, the obligations they can not escape without creating dissension in the community.

Aware of all their efforts, Sarah wondered how we could mark the occasio nafter the high season, organize an event that would take us all the pace with our business. After much thought and spent a few phone calls, her plan was born and turned out to be a nice surprise for all of us.

Sarah brought us together to ask a date to make sure that his idea does not come or compromising a ceremony or an important event in the village or cancel booking our customers. As she loves surprises, she made us languish and the only thing that the team was able to know is that we would close the hotel for 48 hours to go all in Bali.

On the D day, all of them were dressed to go to Bali, proudly wearing the new Namaste T Shirt without knowing what's expected on site.
Essayez avec cette orthographe : Sarah avait bien prévenu son plan, un minibus nous attendait à la sortie du Speedboat, un guide était prêt à nous prendre en charge (un peu surpris car en général il fait découvrir son île aux français, cette fois tout notre groupe venait de Penida). Une fois tous dans le bus, nous primes la direction de BALI SAFARI & MARINE PARK ou nous nous sommes retrouvé comme des gamins pendant toute une journée Sarah had foreseen his plan, a minibus was waiting for us at the end of the Speedboat, a guide was prepared to take care of us (a little surprised because usually he discovered his island to the French, this time our whole group had Penida) . Once on the bus, we took the direction of BALI SAFARI & MARINE PARK or we found like kids for a day.

Namaste Bungalow: de Nusa Penida au Bali Safari Park

Namaste Bungalow: de Nusa Penida au Bali Safari Park

Namaste Bungalow: de Nusa Penida au Bali Safari Park

Namaste Bungalow: de Nusa Penida au Bali Safari Park

At the end of the visit, Sarah had booked tickets for us to watch an incredible show telling one of the most beautiful legend of Bali. For us in the show wasn't only on the scene but also looking at the members of the team speechless before a show of this quality.

Out of this incredible place, half a zoo, half an amusement park we set off for Sidemen to join another fabulous place amidst beautiful rice terraces, an hotel which opened its doors and welcomed as VIPs: the Subak Tabola. This beautiful property is held by a very friendly Balinese Woman Ibu Ati and 2 french women Sylvie and Pauline, 3 friends with whom Sarah had the pleasure to work with last year just before completely dedicating to Namaste Bungalows. When she contact them looking for a hotel that can accommodate our entire team for one night, they immediately joined and opened their doors promising that next year they will come with their team to Namaste Bungalows…

Namaste Bungalows: de Nusa Penida à Sidemen au Subak Tabola 1

Namaste Bungalows: de Nusa Penida à Sidemen au Subak Tabola 2

Namaste Bungalows: de Nusa Penida à Sidemen au Subak Tabola 3

The Subak Tabola and his staff welcomed us with such kindness and expertise, it was really touching, and then to see our team here at the hotel we love so much, it was great. In the morning near a frugal breakfast, the hotel invited us to take part in a Balinese cooking classes in an exceptional setting, then a last meal and it was time to hit the road to take Speedboat in Sanur, back to Nusa Penida

Here you have the end of the story about this strange event which we all enjoy very much, it has brought us closer and allowed us to recharge our batteries and relax by taking a step back while giving the opportunity for everyone to take the place of our clients for a day, what better way to make them understand what a customer may require from an hotel service ...

Again, Sarah has proved how much she invests and feels concerned, beyond management, accounting, reservations and hospitality at the hotel by shaking the nest in the most beautiful way, so darling ... bravo!

And if you're in the Sidemen area, i advise you to stop by Subak Tabola:

Br. Tebola, Sidemen, Karangasem 80864
Phone : +62 81 138 661 97 / +62 81 138 656 36
Fax : +62 82 897 030 062
E -mail




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