Endless Summer in Nusa Penida


While we thought that September would sound a bit the end of the high season and that would be the good time to take the reins of our blog, to our surprise, it is an almost continuous stream of visitors arriving in Nusa Penida spontaneously fot our delight, relying sometimes to feedback left on our partner sites (like here or here) or from the comments of other travelers meet during their trip.

In hindsight, when I rewind the film a bit of this incredible summer, i just have to close my eyes for a moment to scroll through my head all the faces of those who, large and small, have stayed at Namaste. So anecdotes, interesting discussions shared at the restaurant when the tables coming close and Namaste become plural and worldwide. It's so great to see the excitement of those looks (among you may be) have had a chance to share a dance with manta rays in the swell of the cliffs at the west coast of the island and, arriving at Namaste thumbs up announced the number of specimens encountered morning, the surprise of some, all faiths who feel responsible for an inexplicable and soothing energy to the output of Goa Giri Putri Temple or discovering the fabulous site of Pasih Wug ... all those children who have made the joy of Nina, always happy to share his Balinese experience.

And then there was this incredible local enthusiasm shown, both members of our friendly team at Namaste, that the whole community that does its best to make the visitors stay an unforgettable experience ... Matur Suksema! This summer has been the scene of some very important ceremonies including the cremation of a member of the community of Sakti, Pak Man Erawati.

So how can we not feel blessed by the gods to find us there and to witness all of these moments. For nearly two years we have been almost entirely into the adventure of Namaste, our families, investors and friends encourage us to carry it out, despite the difficulties and suddenly this incredible summer sounds like a response to our efforts ultimately all this is rather like life and love when it is lived with passion, involving necessary concessions and countless doubts and ultimately more akin to the joys of being parents, imposing an obligation to question, to accept, to be disappointed sometimes, often met and proud too.

Few weeks ago, with Sarah, we had the pleasure of sharing a very very moving discussion with friends of friends, friends become in their turn by the force of things ... Mary, I beg to quote finished with these words: - "it is often leatherbacks that have been carved with a knife that produce the most beautiful notes," this beautiful sentence gives a special meaning to our history that does just begun, and without s' sorry, on the contrary, I think we should cherish and love our scars with us. Accept and forgive are definitely words that come up when looking for the meaning of Namaste. Well, I am not gone for a kind of Krishnamurti cardboard but it is true that we meet so many people who have enriched us by their experiences, sharing their readings, their travels and their makes us grow.

I will do my best to get back soon on some of the key moments of this summer in future articles, as well as to talk about what's going to happen very soon Namaste as we do not intend to rest on our laurels and we are working hard foot to enrich the experience of our visitors.

Love and Light as says my buddy Sophie, we embrace you, take care of yourself.



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